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Big Difference: How A Bit Of D.I.Y. Can Improve Your Homes Chance Of A Sale Light The Way

Probably one of the most under invested in areas of your home is the lighting.

As homeowners, we have a tendency to adopt a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to the lighting.

This can sometimes lead to decades old lighting still being in place, well after its heyday.

If your light fittings are in need of a renewal, this would be a good place to start. Apart from anything else, if they are very old they may not even be safe.

But even perfectly usable light fixtures can simply be in need of an update.

A home which is beautifully lit is going to attract more interest than one that is dingy, at the end of the day.

And the issue of lighting does not begin and end with the lights. There are also the windows to consider.

If your window dressings are heavy, old looking and block the light, now is the time to change them for something that really lets the sun shine.


The better you can make the kitchen look, the greater your chances of a good price for your home.

The good news is that this can be achieved for less than you may think. Unless your kitchen really is like the land that time forgot, you may just get away with a little freshening up.

At the very least, you want to think about painting it. If there was one tip we would give it would be to pay attention to the paintwork on the kitchen units. Brightening them up with a splash of brilliant white may be all you need to do in order to improve it!

We would also advise paying attention to the lighting. You can almost never have enough lighting in a kitchen. This doesn’t mean the harsh and abrasive strip lighting of yesteryear, but a more layered, soft approach.

Remember, today people expect to hang out in the kitchen area, so it is also a social space, not just a work room.


Often neglected, your electric power points and light switches can remain operational for years if not longer.

This is crazy considering they do not cost much to replace. Also, a modern outlet can now come with USB ports attached – and this could be a great selling point!