What was your neighborhood like when you were growing up? Did you like it there?

Many Americans rarely stay in the places that they grew up with. Most people will either move out of their hometowns due to their careers, move away because someone has told them of a better place or maybe they wanted to start their life away from mom and dad as far as possible.

But there are just those places that we all want to move into and in this list are some of the best neighborhoods in America.

1) Beacon Hill ~ Boston, MA

Have you ever wondered what was it like to experience Europe in the early nineteenth century in America? Yes, it is possible!

The red brick pavements, the gaslight on narrow streets and the gorgeous homes made of bricks and clay will not fail to display classic European architecture in Boston. This neighborhood also overlooks the Boston Common grounds, the oldest park of all US states.

2) Sea Cliff ~ San Francisco, CA

This neighborhood oversees one of San Francisco’s famous tourist spots, the Golden Gate Bridge.

While this is a quiet district, the beauty of the area besotted a few famous artists in the likes of Sharon Stone, the late Robin Williams and Kirk Hammett of Metallica.


3) Central Park West Historic District ~ New York, NY

If we have lots of money, wouldn’t we all want to live in New York? This place is the major choice for most American romantic movies because it’s undeniably beautiful. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods its hard to pick just one in New York but a Manhattan real estate broker can help you find the perfect location for you. Most people live are happy to live in high apartment buildings overlooking the stunning Central Park. It is also the most filmed park in all of the parks in America.


4) Capitol Hill ~ Denver, CO

If there’s one neighborhood in America that spelled “opulence” in the late 19th century, it’s Capitol Hill.

It is said that many of the rich people in Denver decided to build their mansions along this street and even though a good number of these dwellings were demolished during the time of great depression, still a few other were left as a remnant of a once affluent street.

Moreover, this area also became the neighborhood of famous poets like Mark Twain and Emily Dickenson. Now, the place is a popular home to the city’s young middle-class’ professionals.


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